Dear animal owner,

I speak fluent English but I did not translate my website. If you have any questions about my services and my way of working with animals, don't hesitate to call me. It would be a pleasure for me to introduce myself and find a way to help you with your "best friend".

I studied animal behavior in Canada and the United states. I worked with many species including wolfs, rats, chickens, horses, cats, fish... and of course dogs with different behavioral problems and different "origins" (puppy mill, rescue, working dogs, etc.)

In Montreal, I was the head trainer for a company of dog training and dog walking services and I spent my days with dogs for a few years.

I work with positive reinforcement and use the clicker during the training session. All services are adjusted to the personality of each animal and the specific goals of the owner.

I live in Neuchâtel, but I offer my services in the whole French speaking (and part of the German speaking) area.

Best Regards,

Isabelle Charlet, M.C.P

079 924 17 37